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he rest y'all gotta track down (try intern searches,, Goldmine magazine, record shows)
Full Length Commercial Releases
Say What You Will...Anything Can Happen/
Say What You Will Clarence...Karl Sold the truck
Made to be Broken
Time's Incinerator.
While You Were Out
Hang Time
Clam Dip and Other Delights
Soul Asylum and The Horse They Rode In On
Grave Dancers Union
Let Your Dim Light Shine
Candy From A Stranger
on Twin/Tone 45
11/85; Tied to the tracks/ Long way home
on A&M/Twin/Tone
XX/88;Sometime to Return
XX/88; Cartoon
on Columbia/Sony Music
03/93;Somebody to shoveCd Single(US),cdsingle(UK),
Ltd. Edition cdsingle(UK), 12" single(UK)
Black Gold -- cdsingle(UK)
Black Gold- The Gold Edition -- cdsingle(UK)
Black Gold -- 7" single(Holland)
Runaway Train -- cdsingle(US)
Runaway Train -- 12"single(UK)
Runaway Train -- 12"single special edition(UK)
Runaway Train (Maxi single) (Japan)
Without a Trace
Can't Even Tell -- cdsingle(Australia)
Misery various - cdsingle(US),
Ltd. Edition cdsingle(US)
(US cdsingle)
(UK cdsingle)
(UK ltd. Edition, numbered 7")
Just Like Anyone -- (UK cdsingle)
Promises Broken (UK cdsingle) 
Japan exclusive Promises EP 8/9/96
I Will Still Be Laughing (European)
Promotional Singles
Standing in the Doorway/ James at 16 -- 12" promo(US)
Catalog # Released: 1988 Label: A&M/Twin/Tone
- This promo also contains a medley of cover tracks done live and spontaneously by the band
Just Plain Evil/ Goin' Down -- 7" promo(UK)
Cartoon -- cdpromo(US)
Easy Street -- cdpromo(US)
Spinnin' -- cdpromo(US)
Catalog # 75021 7423-2 Released: 1990 Label: A&M/Twin/Tone
- This 1 track promo has no cover, it comes in a generic cd bag.
Something Out Of Nothing -- Remix Cdpromo/12"promo
99% -- 12" promo
Catalog # XSS 4731A Label: Columbia/Sony Music Released: 1993
- This 12" promo comes with B-sides: Somebody to Shove and Track of my Tears(Live). This promo is one-sided. The other side is etched with 'Soul Asylum' and 'Grave Dancers Union'. It comes in a plain white sleeve, with the label being the cover from 'Grave Dancers'.
Somebody to Shove -- cdpromo(US)
Catalog # PRO 739 Released: 1992 Label: Columbia/Sony Music
- This 1 track promo comes with a cardboard sleeve which is all a dark beige, with the band and track name in black.
Somebody to Shove --
Catalog # Released: 1992 Label: Columbia/Sony Music
- This is also a one-track promo, but this comes with a picture insert in a regular jewel case.
Somebody to Shove --promo 45
(roadrunner records/sony music 1992)

Black Gold -- cdpromo(US)
Catalog # CSK 4910 Released: 1993 Label: Columbia/Sony Music
- This promo comes with 4 versions of Black gold. The album version, a live version, and 2 edited versions. It comes in a regular jewel case with the same cover as the UK version of
the single.
Without a Trace --
Catalog # Released: 1993 Label: Columbia/Sony Music
- This is also a one track promo, and it comes with a picture insert in a regular jewel case.
Summer of Drugs -- cdpromo(US)
Misery -- cdpromo 

Just Like Anyone -- cdpromo
I Will Still Be Laughing-March 1998 CSK 4714
The Candy Sampler
Losin' It EP-CSK 41080  available free for the month of May 1998
Close-(July/Aug 1998) promo only
UK Candy Sampler
Flexi-Discs, and Other Such Oddities
Cocktails (live)
I Put A Spell On You(live 10-29-90 Ann Arbor, MI-Nectarine ballroom)
BOB Flexi # 41(given away with the Delaware based "The Bob" magazine)

Black Gold (Live)
Given away as a promo flexi-disc with an issue of 'The Bob' magazine.
The Class Of '93
"Summer of Drugs" appears on this promo CD given away with the UK magazine "VOX"..other artists on the sampler include Paul Weller, Yardbirds, New Order, Bjork and Victoria Williams.

Crawl 4:01 (album version )-CMJ New Music July
- Included on a cassette and CD sampler with the June/July 1995 issue of CMJ magazine.
CMJ DIDX018179-CMJ-NMM023 CMJ New Music July
Kerrange!, the U.K. metal magazine, Issue 696 (March 26,1998) came with a free CD, featuring the song "Creatures Of Habit"
CMJ for July 98 "No Time For Waiting"
Full-Length Promos
Insomniac's Dream -- cdpromo (Canada + Europe only)
Soul Asylum and The Horse They Rode In On -- cdpromo(US)
Catalog # 75021-8053-2 Released: 1990 Label: A&M/Twin/Tone
This disc contains all the tracks on the legit release of 'Horse', as well as three bonus tracks. It comes in a generic cd bag, with an A&M sticker with the track listing on the back. The bonus tracks are: One Way Conversation/ Little House On The Edge/ Village Idiot.
Soul Asylum and The Horse They Rode In On -- 12"
Catalog #75021-5318-7 Released: 1991 Label: A&M/Twin/Tone
- This promo contains all the tracks on the standard release, but this is a special edition on blue vinyl.
While You Were Out -- 12" White Label Promo(UK)
Bootlegs (all CD)
Body and Soul
Boys Of Soul Asylum
Broken Glass
Easy To Avoid
Get On Out
Get Your tape decks Up
Live at the Avalon-April 22, 1997 (CDR)
The Lost Album
Misery Loves Company
Missing You
Natural Acoustic
New World
No Escape Never
Off The Stage
On The Run
The Platinum Punks
Runaway Child
Runaway Train
Set Me Free
Time Makes You Change
Train Kept A-Rollin'
USA 1993
We're the Opening Band
Radio Shows on CD and Radio Station Appearances
Other Tracks
Baby Baby-Freedom Of Choice Hidden Track
Barefoot and Pregnant
Barstool Blues
The Break
Can't Even Tell
Concert For the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
The Faculty-School's Out (12/15/98)
Motell Notell
more on "Honor The Earth"
It's Not My Fault
Just Plain Evil
Lost Angels
Minnesota Modern Rock
Miss This-Twister
MTV Unplugged
Sony Modern Rock Live CD
Sexual Healing
When I Ran Off And Left Her
Shuffle This-Squealer Compilation 1997
Chasing Amy
Who Do You Love?
Guest appearances
Dave Pirner:
AGIT-POP - Stick It! (1989) (Backing vocals on "Stop, Drop & Roll" &
"Bill Of Wrongs")
The Coup De Grace - (s/t) (1990) (Producer) (yes, that's the same band
on that Video Sheet Metal thingee with SA-Kevin)
Toadstool - The Sun Highway (1990) (producer)
Crash Vegas - Stone (1993) (Guest vocalist on "One Way Conversation" -
yep, the very same song, Dave has writing credit also)
thanks to Becki and Kevin)
Run Westy Run - Plowed Into God 7" (1994) (Dave P. blows sax on "The Creeper")
HUSKER DU-Candy Apple Grey (Dave is thanked)
Dan & Dave contribute background vocals on a song called "Blood is Thicker
Than Water"
Dave Leads vocals on the song "Tell 'em Boy"
Dave co-vocals on two songs "Nature's Way" and "My Ally"
Dan Murphy:
Joe Henry - Short Man's Room (1992) (plays acoustic guitar on "Good
Fortune" and acoustic bottleneck guitar on "Diving Bell")
....and, is that Dan pictured on the photo insert that came with the
Replacements' "When the Shit Hits The Fans"  I see the 'Mats plus one extra person who looks a bit like Dan
Sometime To Return
From the A&M release, Hang Time, 1988 (Daniel Corrigan/Kevin Kerslake)

From the A&M release, Hang Time, 1988 (1989 Tamara Davis)

(1989 Phil Harder/Rick Fuller)
from the Twin/Tone release 'Clam Dip And other Delights', circa, 1988.
Artificial Heart
(1989 David Pirner/Dave Roth)
From the twin/tone release 'Clam Dip and other Delights'.This was available on a Video Compilation called "Sheet Metal" and has an interview as well. And the video is quite bloody, starring Karl

Easy Street
From the A&M release, ' Soul Asylum and the Horse They Rode In On',(1990 Drew Carolyn/Dinah Breakall)

Somebody to Shove
From the Columbia release Grave Dancers Union,
(1992 Zach Snyder/Greg Everage)

Black Gold
From the Columbia release Grave Dancers Union,
(1993 Dave Roth/Chris Ball/Elizabeth Biron)
Runaway Train
From the Columbia release Grave Dancers Union
(1993 Tony Kaye)

Without A Trace
From the Columbia release Grave Dancer's Union, circa 1993.
Dave is dressed as a politician.
Summer of Drugs
From the Chaos/Columbia compilation 'Sweet Relief, A Benefit for Victoria Williams, circa 1993.

Can't Even Tell
From the Soundtrack for the motion picture 'Clerks', circa 1994

From the Columbia release, Let Your Dim Light Shine, circa 1995
Just Like Anyone
From the Columbia release, Let Your Dim Light Shine, circa 1995.

Nature's Way
Dave appears with Victoria Williams
Promises Broken
From the Columbia/Sony Music release, ' Let Your Dim Light Shine ', 1995.
I Will Still Be Laughing
From the Columbia/Sony Music release, ' Candy From A Stranger ', 1998.
April 1998

GOLDEN SMOG--featuring Dan Murphy
On Golden Smog
Down By The Old Mainstream Promo CD
Weird Tales
fake albums
V-Golden Smog-promo only CD single
Redheaded stepchild promo only cd single
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