Body and SoulBody and Soul

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Catalog # KTS 195 Released: 1993 Label: Kiss The Stone Records
- A warning to all those looking for boots. There are about 6 different bootlegs out there with different covers and names, but they are all of the Ventura, California show. It was a Westwood One radio show, so there are copies everywhere. Be very wary of bootlegs labelled Live USA 1993. Bodyins.jpg (14103 bytes)

Body & Soul --- Ventura, CA '93---KTS label--time 43min38 secs
1 Without a trace
2 Get on out
3 New world
4 Black gold
5 Runaway Train
6 Spinnin'
7 Somebody to shove
8 April Fool
9 Sexual Healing
10 99%