PROMJPN.JPG (22714 bytes)A CD Single made exclusively for Japan was released 8/9/96
The track listing:

1. Promises Broken (remix)
2. Promises Broken (original version on LYDLS)
3. Fearless Leader (Previously on "Misery" CD5-(non lp))
4. You'll Live For Now (Previously on "Misery" CD5-(non lp))
5. Painkiller (non lp)
6. Gone Forgotten (non lp)
7. Motel Notell (non lp)

(the Japanese CD Single)
Thanks to Lee for the info on this. He noted "Motel Notell" as being the the same track as on the "Honor The Earth" album, but with possibly a different production.
This EP was made exclusively for the Japanese market.