and The Horse They Rode In On cdSoul Asylum and The Horse They Rode In On
Catalog # 75021-5318-2 Released: August 1990 Label: A&M/Twin/Tone
Spinnin'/ Bitter Pill/ Veil Of Tears/ Nice Guys (Don't Get Paid)/ Something Out Of Nothing/ Gullible's Travels/ Brand New Shine/ Easy Street/ Grounded/ Be On Your Way/ We 3/ All The King's Friends.
cc_cdnow_logo_black.jpg (6430 bytes)Available on CD, cassette, and 12" all with different variations on the cover and The Horse They Rode In On cassette
  the promotional only picture disc CD adds 3 otherwise unavailable tracks, "One Way Conversation", "Little House on the Edge", and "Village Idiot", three pretty darn good songs.
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