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Golden Smog

Murphy: We're really good house guests, or so I've been told.

Mueller: We've got some pretty OK manners, we pick up our own beer cans and stuff.

Murphy: Yeah, Karl even did the dishes in San Francisco. You did 'em twice didn't you Karl?

Mueller: No, I only did them once - but it was a pretty fierce load.

Pirner: Let's do some serious, quick and easy controversial questions. You ready Karl?

Mueller: You ready to go to war, Dave?

Pirner: Oh, that's pretty controversial.

Mueller: You know what would happen if you went to war? I'd have to join the Del Fuegos.

Pirner: Yeah, that's the only reason that would keep me from going.

Pirner: What do you think Dead Heads are all about? They're all dudes who don't know how to play guitar but they go on tour (with the Dead) because it's fun.

Mueller: Oh, come on, Bob (Weir) can play the shit out of a guitar.

Murphy: Bob's not a Dead Head, dude. He plays in the band.

Mueller: Well, he's a Dead Head too.

Pirner: No, no, no, no, somebody who plays in the band isn't a Dead Head.

Murphy: They're "The Dead".

Pirner: Karl, I shouldn't have to explain these things to you.

from Buzz May 1986