Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner & Silverchair's Daniel Johns Do the 'Do

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October 7, 1995

Fall is here, and with it all those confusing fashion dictates. What to wear, how to do your 'do.... we here at Addicted To Noise are a bit overwhelmed. Seeking solace and a little advice, coiffure-wise, we sent Jaan "Never Met A Styling Product I Didn't Like" Uhelszki to garner some hair-wisdom from Soul Asylum's nattily dreded Dave Pirner, and Timotei spokesmodel (and occassional Silverchair frontman) Daniel Johns. All aspiring rastas, listen up:

Addicted To Noise: Let's have some style tips. You've had your hair like this for four years?

Dave Pirner: Sure

ATN: Do you do anything special to it?

Pirner: No ma'am. Absolutely nothing. I guess I used to wash it with Ivory soap. Now I just use whatever's around. It's kind of gross, though. ok.jpg (8446 bytes)I don't really reccommend it. It's just low maintenance, and it stays out of my eyes. That's what I like about it.

ATN: So you don't see an end to this style?

Pirner: There's an end to everything.

Moving on to Johns...

ATN: People must tell you that you look like Kurt Cobain... because of the hair.

Daniel Johns: Yeah, the hair, but I'm getting dredlocks, so it doesn't matter.

ATN: How often do you wash your hair?

Johns: I just can't be bothered washing it, because then your hair smells like flowers and that stinks.

ATN: But I love that smell! So, really, how often do you wash your hair?

Johns: Once a fortnight.

A fortnight? ATN is totally grossed out. That translates to every two weeks, for us stateside. In an attempt to end on a more, uh, hygenic note, ATN is pleased to report that Prince Valiant-lookalike Joey Ramone uses Aveeda shampoo with Maddes root for warm red tones and cherry bark conditioner, and does so quite frequently.

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