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It was improvised on the spot, a partial attempt or from a medley =

Released In Some Format
(Flexidisc, 45 RPM, Promotional Release, EP, CD5, Compilation) =

Original artist/composer or who made it famous noted when known = ( )

Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys- (Waylon Jennings)
on 07-17-89 at Circuit Cabaret, Winnipeg

Mandy aka "Brandy"- Scott English/Manilow--at Club Lingerie, Hollywood CA on 03-27- 87

Manfish-("from some comedy album") on 10/22/88 at The Scream in Los Angeles, Ca.

Mercedes Benz-(Janis Joplin) on 12/01/85 at 1st Avenue-Minneapolis, Mn

Midnight Medley (includes bits of "Midnight Special/After Midnight/Walking After Midnight/Midnight Rambler") on 12-31-91 at Minneapolis Hyatt

More Than A Feeling-(Boston) on 05/11/88 at "Night Moves" in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Move Over-(Janis Joplin) at Club Lingerie, Hollywood CA 3-27-87

Movin' On Down The Line-on 08/17/90 in Amsterdam at The Melkwig

Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter-(Herman's Hermits)on 11-08-93 in Toronto

My Best Friend's Girl (Jazz Version)-(The Cars/Ben Orr) at Club Lingerie, Hollywood CA on 03-27-87

My Sharona-(The Knack) on 11-21-86 at Rock Pile Records, Goleta, Ca

My Sharona-(The Knack) on 05-10-87 at NYC's The Ritz.. Dave recited the lyrics like a beat poet.

Night Moves-(Bob Seger) on 05/11/88 at Night Moves in Huntington Beach, Ca.

No Expectations-(Rolling Stones) Dan & Dave in Siberia NY on 01-13-88

One Tin Soldier (The Legend Of Billy Jack)-(Coven) on 09/23/88 at The Cabooze, Minneapolis, Mn

Only Women Bleed-(Alice Cooper) on 04/28/89 in Milwaukee, Wi

Ooh La La-(Faces) on 12/02/88 at JCA, Albany NY (electric) and by
Dan & Dave (acoustic) at Maxwells. Hoboken, NJ on 03-04-88

Paradise By The Dashboard light-(Meatloaf) on 05-23-87 The Central, Iowa City, Ia

Piano Man-(Billy Joel) on 12/11/92 in San Francisco, CA

Pink Turns To Blue-(Husker Du/Grant Hart)
on 12/01/85 at 1st Avenue in Minneapolis, Mn

Play That Funky Music/Free For all-(Wild Cherry/Ted Nugent)

Pretty Boy Floyd-(Woody Guthrie) Dan & Dave in 04/91 at the Top Note Theater in Chicago

Puff The Magic Dragon-(Peter, Paul and Mary) Dan & Dave on 12/23/91 at 1st Avenue-Minn.

Put The Bone In-(Terry Jacks)

Radar Love (30 seconds)-(Golden Earring) 02/26/88 in Belgium at Media Eeklo

Ramblin' Rose-(MC5) as early as 01/24/86 at 7th Street Entry & recently as on 03/28/94 in Milan, Italy

Rest Of My Life (?)-(Mose Allison ?) on 05/07/89 in Minneapolis, Mn

Rhiannon/Under the Milky Way medley- (Fleetwood Mac/The Church) on 12/14/88 in Madison at Wallygator's

Rhinestone Cowboy-(Glen Campbell) -everywhere!

Right Here, Right Now-(Jesus Jones)

Right Place, Wrong Time-(Dr. John) on 06/06/88 at Tipitina's, New Orleans, La

Rock And Roll (barely)-(Led Zeppelin) on 01/24/86 at the 7th Street Entry

Rock Me Gently-(Andy Kim) on 12/11/92 in San Francisco, CA

Sammy Hagar Weekend-(Thelonius Monster) on 10/22/88 at The Scream in Los Angeles, Ca.

School's Out- late 1998 tour

Seasons of Whither-(Aerosmith) on 08-21-85 at Nectarine Ballroom,Ann Arbour,Mi

Sexual Healing-(Marvin Gaye) on 07/06/88 at Adelphi Club, Hull, England

Sex machine -(James Brown) "back in the day (1985-6?) at First Avenue during a cameo on a dance night. The best part of it was they wouldn't stop until the club lowered the curtain on them. (thanks MelJass)

Shakin' Street-(MC5) on 07-17-89 at Circuit Cabaret, Winnipeg

Sheer Heart Attack-(Queen) on 10-??-85 at Wellington's, Manitoba, Canada

Smells Like Teenage Wild Thing (same chords-you figure it out) on 12/23/91 at 1st Avenue-Minn. Mn.

Smoke On the Water-(Deep Purple) on 03-05-87 in La Crosse, Wi

Sonic Reducer- (Dead Boys) on 06/24/88 at The Channel in Boston & R&R Station, Madison WI 09-16-92

Summer Of Drugs-(Victoria Williams) Unplugged NYC on 04-21-93

Suspicious Minds- (The King) on 06-15-93 at Bayfront Amph in Miami FL

Sweet Home Alabama(Lynyrd Skynyrd) at Concordia Ballroom in La Crosse WI on 03-05-87

Sweet Loving(?)/Watchin Scotty Grow-(Bobby Goldsboro)on 12/02/88 at JCA, Albany NY

Sweet Jane-(Velvet Underground/Lou Reed) on 02/26/88 in Belgium at Media Eeklo and (released version) with Lou Reed on 09/02/95 at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Concert

Takin' Care Of Business-(Bachman Turner Overdrive)
Only Dan (who hates "B.T.O.") on a lost bet, played with Holiday Inn Band, Madison WI c. 1990

Tears In Heaven (brief improv)- (Eric Clapton) on WHFS in Baltimore MD 03-01-93

Teenage Kicks- (Undertones) at R&R Station, Madison WI on 09-16- 92

Tell Me Something Good (Rufus) 12-31-91, Hyatt Mpls MN

Tell Me Why-(Neil Young) around 10-??-85 at Wellington's in Manitoba, Canada

(That's When I Reach For My) Revolver-(Mission Of Burma) Khyber Pass, Phila Pa 7-18-90

Tonight My Love- (Burt Bacharach/Herb Alpert)
on 12/02/88 at JCA in Albany, NY..before Elvis Costello hooked up with Burt!

To Sir With Love (promo-only release) (Lulu)
Live 1990 on, and with Lulu at Unplugged 4-21-93

Tracks Of My Tears(Smokey Robinson) was a live "promo-only" release performed often, including
on 8/17/90 in Amsterdam at The Melkwig and at Tramps with Springsteen 1995

Two Tickets to Paradise-(Eddie Money) at soundcheck on 10/22/88 at The Scream, in La Ca.

Walk Like An Egyptian-(Bangles)on 02-26-88 at Media Eeklo in Belgium

Wanted, Dead Or Alive (including "Turn The Page")-Dan & Dave(Bon Jovi/Seger) in Siberia, NY on 01-13-88

Waterfalls-(TLC) Florida 10-98

Watchin' Scotty Grow-(Bobby Goldsboro) on 12/02/88 at JCA, Albany NY

Wildfire-(Michael Martin Murphey) Dan & Dave in Siberia NY Jan 1988

When I Ran Off & Left Her- (Vic Chesnutt) Released on "Sweet Relief II-1996" played on 09-02-96 in Minneapolis, MN at Mill City Music Festival

Wild Thing-(Troggs) at Concordia Ballroom in LaCrosse WI on 03-05-87

Wipeout-at Bogart's, in CA 12-15-90

Wreck Of the Edmund Fitzgerald- (Gordon Lightfoot) 11-08-93 in Toronto on the GDU Tour

Thanks to Dan, Dave, Karl, Pat, Grant, Sterling, Joey, Chris, Ian,
Raquel, Lee, Jim A, Chris H, Buddy Bradley and the Competition Coupe.

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