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review one
From: Silent Bob
I drove up from North Carolina back home to see Soul Asylum's Halloween
show at the Mekka in Columbus, OH. The show started out with the guys
emerging in Halloween dress. Chris came out dressed like a woman, and Dan later explained he was
trying for Dennis Rodman. Ian had some kind of white thing on tied at
the neck, Karl looked like Adam Sandler from "The Wedding Singer" and
Dan was an indian. Dave had the most imaginative costume of all,
wearing a test pilot orange jumpsuit with a Ace Frehley front piece tied
around, topped off with his hair in pigtails (these didn't last long).
The came out with alot of energy opening with "I Will Still Be
Laughing." The setlist kinda runs together after that, but during the
second song Dan noticed my Golden Smog shirt and mouthed nice shirt.
One of the more intresting covers was TLC's "Waterfalls", and after
awhile the band left and Dan and Dave played an acoustic version of
"String of Pearls". The bulk of the material came from the last three
albums (especially Candy), while they did play Closer to the Stars and
Cartoon. Overall the crowd response was minimal, which I thought kinda
sucked, but there were some cool outfits in the crowd. Anyway, I know
this is a bit shotty review, but it's been two weeks, and since I didn't
see one, I thought I'd at least let you know what the costumes looked
like. I have a small flyer for the show, if I can get to a scanner,
I'll send it. Overall though, a great show although I think the band
was a bit dissapointed by the crowd response.

Jeremy Essig (
10/31/98- Columbus, OH (Mekka)pictur18.jpg (19975 bytes)
From postcard
review two
Saw SA last night and went with a great deal of trepidation. The last time I saw them I was disappointed (mostly because I have such high expectations for them).
Anyway, this show didn't disappoint too much. To their credit, the mediocre songs on the albums sounded better live and there are still few bands that put as much energy into their shows. I feel sorry for the people who have to wash out the costumes they rented for the night because they was damn sweaty by the end of the night.
Dan was dressed as an Indian brave, Grant was a southern country gentleman (a al Rhett Butler), drummer looked like a zombie, keyboard player was sort of a Dennis Rodman in drag and Dave wore a orange jumpsuit with big thing that covered his shoulders and chest a la either a space alien or glam rock star.
Don't ask for much of a set list because most everything was from the last three albums which I don't listen to much at all.
What made it worthwhile was the older ones they chose to play. "Cartoon," one of the best songs ever, and "Closer To the Stars." For covers they chose TLC's "Waterfalls" (always hated the song until last night), Alice Cooper's "School's Out" (which they said they had just recorded for some tribut album of sorts coming in the future) and the medly they did with Iggy Pop at the R-N-R hall of fame show that has "Backdoor Man" into "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and back into "Backdoor Man."
Funniest lines: "Now I know why we don't wear Comodores outfits and shit.
They're too damn hot." -- Dave, after taking off part of costume.
"For our next costume we are going to dress up as pop stars for one song." --Dan, right before they play Runaway Train.
j a m e s
(who's disappointed because Dan said Columbus isn't on the list off Golden
Smog tour dates -- sounds like they are going to the usual hot spots a la Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc.)