Birmingham 1993 live6-19-98 review from Michael
I've just returned from seeing Soul Asylum at Birmingham's City Stages
Festival, and let me tell you that the show kicked major league ass!
I've seen them 3 other times (1988, 1993, 1998) and this was, by far,
the tightest I have seen them yet (although I liked that they were more
raw back in '88, but then we all get older, right?).

Their set went
something like this (maybe not in this exact order):
I Will Still be Laughing
See You Later (with kazoo)
Somebody to Shove
Blood Into Wine
No Time For Waiting
Black Gold
Runaway Train
Lies of Hate
Just Like Anyone
Cradle Chain
Medley:Bodies (Sex Pistols) and some jammy Allman Brothers song (Jessica?-ed.)
Sweet Home Alabama
Ramblin' Rose
Candy From A Stranger
One of the highlights was during "Lies of Hate" when Dan smashed his
guitar a la Paul Stanley or Pete Townshend. Was this planned?? I was
surprised that the band, being the smart-asses that they are, didn't say
anything to the crowd about their constant moshing and crowd surfing.
What most of you probably don't know is that down here in Birmingham we
don't get many big bands here; let me correct myself; we don't get many
GOOD bands here, and so whenever any band comes to town, most of the
teens use that as an excuse to slam, mosh, pogo, whatever. I mean,
these kids were crowd-surfing during songs like "Close" and "Blood Into
Wine"! I'm sure the band appreciated it. Anyway, it was an AWESOME
show and I can't wait to see them again.
(wasn't this where the Sex Pistols actually toured in 1977?? maybe thats why Dan smashed it and they played "Bodies"...any tapes of this out there??