Pat Morley - Drums (3rd from left)

(Loud Fast Rules to Soul Asylum 1984)

Daniel Murphy

Guitar, vocals

Karl Mueller

Bass, vocals

David Pirner

Vocals, Guitar, Sax, Piano

Grant Young

Drums, percussion(Soul Asylum 1985 - 1994)

Sterling Campbell

Drums (Present)

with Joey Huffman



Soul Asylum
PO Box 8346
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Dan and Dave also went out acoustic under the name "Sunshine on my Shoulders", when opening for "The Jayhawks" at the Uptown bar in Mpls in 1986, as well as premiering new Soul Asylum songs just as an acoustic duo throught the 80's and early 90's. Dave even played in March of 96 under the name, "Woof."

Another side project was a one off gig as "Take it to The Limit", a band covering all Eagles songs in 1987. The same lineup did an all Rolling Stones show in 1989. And of course there's "Golden Smog."

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