well as you do know jealousy is just a game. .. so play with me, don't play
with me, don't you want to play the game? Was the remark off Clinton's tounge
as he saw Winona. Yes; he had for many years been vieing for a piece of her;
and now Dave (one of his daughters idols for the phase) has her. Well. I
must shake this guys hand. You see, I envy him. But; believe it or not;
Clinton has been a big influence upon the band. First off, Bill inspired
such hits as The Game, and well .. . to be honest.. . He's the one who
introduced Dave to Teri Wiegel (you know the girl in Candy's thank you's).
Well; clinton met her way back when in Arkansas as a waitress at a hooters
(the governors favourite lunch spot). Clinton couldn't help himself when he
realized that Dave had winona for his own so he was like Damn it. . I'm
president; I can have who i want with me when i want. So he's like you know
jealousy is just a game, it wraps your mind in knots, and makes you feel
insane. Well; Clinton is immune to jealousy because you have to love people
to be jealous; so he figured. . hell; I could get Teri into the scene, and
well. . I'm sure Winona wouldn't like that . . and then she could be all his.
Although his plan failed to get Winona in bed with him; and he had to settle
for cheap disposable interms who never wash their dresses. Well; Clintons
plan was stalled, but he was like. . . there's got to be some way to get this
to work. and it finnally struck him. One night while watching pamela Lee's
sex video; he's watching it; and misery comes on, and he's reminded of these
guys; so he got his little black book out (well; it was bigger then all the
files he lost; but hey .. . ), and was like. . hey; if those guys can get a
gig playing in a pamela lee sex video, maybe that porn chick .. teri. . .
might take to them a little. Well; Dave called her up; and for a favour to
him (one of many im sure) she decides she'll work on it. Well; even though
dave was already broken up with Winona; what does clinton know (how fast
people forget such things). And well; Dave met her. .. . I guess thats how
the story goes. . in a new york blackout. . so to speak.
I guess to be honest what clinton was really speaking of were those
misleadings (lies) of hate. If only she could of dragged that dress into the
lake.. . everything would of been so much better. But; what man can think
when his pants are unbuttoned? so the saying goes. So in the picture
Clinton formed his masterplan to undermine Soul Asylum. If he has the power
to entice women; he can control record labels. So now we get this album that
doesn't sell. . and why? all because Clinton's daughter doesn't have a crush
on Dave anymore, so who cares if he gets ruined. . . at least it wasn't his
wifes dress we're talking about.
There's the story for you. . take it as you will :)